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Children’s Main Course

Chicken Chunks £3.50

Sausage And Mash £3.50

Served With Peas, Carrots And Gravy

Cheese And Tomato Pizza From Pizza Oven £4 served with chips £6

Fish Fingers And Chips £3.50

Pasta Bolognaise £3.75

Served With Fresh Garlic Bread 

Burger In A Bun And Chips £3.95

All Children’s Mains Are Served With Peas Or Beans, Unless Stated Otherwise. Please State The Preference Of Peas Or Beans.

Children’s Desserts

Jelly Bean Sundae £2.95

Mini Eaton Mess £2.50

Novelty Ice Creams £2.95

A Choice Of Chocolate, Strawberry Or Vanilla




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